Wednesday, July 11, 2007

" the Don's early liiiiight!"

Turns out I have more to say on the topic of my last post. Mainly to some of the objections invariably raised against addressing the "non-problem" of mass invasion by millions of untraceable foreign nationals.

Don't fall for the "we can't deport 18 to 20 million people" mantra.

I.C.E. officials proudly announced a few months back that 250,000 illegals had been sent packing in the past year. A quarter million. During wartime and with token congressional funding.

Close the border, fund I.C.E. like it's a priority, and the job will get done. (Take down every Wal-Mart from Fresno to Yakima simultaneously, and the job's half done already.)

"But that would take years."

Not when Juan figures out our jackbooted thugs are in fact coming for him this time. And even if it does take a decade or two, think of all the real Americans the effort will employ. We end illegal immigration and unemployment in a single move!

"Round people up? You sound like a Nazi."

We're not talking about concentration camps. We're talking about sending people home to the return address on their drivers licenses. Their real drivers licenses.

You want to hear Hitler in Bavaria circa 1923? Listen to Latino leaders salivating over how they command the future of the state (see Fresno Bee story, previous post).

"But won't my $2 box of strawberries will cost $3 if they all leave?"

A dollar extra for strawberries is a bargain to keep your country. Like they said in Team America, freedom costs a buck-0-five.

"No one else will do the work!"

Just watch those summer-job high school and college workers come out of the woodwork when the price is right. It's called capitalism, and it won't be denied. The market always corrects itself.

And if farmers have to pay a decent wage for a change -- if it hurts a little at first -- they have no one to blame but themselves for cheating in the first place.

Besides, I haven't seen a poor farmer since 1984. Maybe now we know why.


Call me a racist if you like. I really don't care anymore. But for the record, I'm a culturalist. Like my friend and co-worker Humberto, who the day he swore in as an American citizen told me, and I quote...
"F--- America. In my heart I'm Mexican. I came here because it's a better way for my family."
He told me this as a friend, incredibly intending no offense. He didn't want to cause trouble, he simply felt like he had just betrayed his true home by swearing allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and had to get it off his chest.

Humberto wasn't such a good friend after that. But at least I started to wake up to the reality of the "melting pot" rapidly cooling down around me.

That was back in 1994. This is 2007. With whole neighborhoods de facto Mexican colonies already back then, the deportations have to kick into overdrive ASAP today.

It's not about race. It's the fact that a minority can't assimilate a majority. People with skin darker than mine are welcome...but only in numbers small enough to turn them into my countrymen, not the other way around.

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