Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Jose can you seeee...!"

Latinos are already the dominant ethnic group in Los Angeles, Fresno and several other counties in the state, but in the years to come, that domination is going to mushroom, according to California Department of Finance projections getting some attention this week.

The numbers are staggering.

The Central Valley alone will have more people than Los Angeles by 2050, the vast, vast majority of them more apt to fly the flag on Cinco De Mayo than the 4th of July.

Meaning that if my family stays here in Fresno, by the time our baby girl turns 20, she'll be one of just 1,952 Gringas left in Fresno County her age, compared to 5,701 Latinas.

Is this a problem? It is if you don't like the idea of your retirement home becoming a living history museum for Spanish-speaking kindergarten field trips.

It is if you're smart enough to do the math and realize the old "they're taking our jobs" objection is just a QuinceaƱera or two from inevitable reality.

Then there's the gulf that exists between the American political tradition and that which has universally prevailed south of the border since colonization. I studied the history of Latin American politics at Fresno State. The Old World, conquistador mentality that has animated their political life for generations has invariably produced entitled aristocrats, demagogues, tyrants and blood-soaked revolutionaries.

American Democrats are happy to fill the demagogue slot, of course. Imagine Hillary as a latter day Eva Peron. Like John Lennon said, it's easy if you try.

Bottom line, our Protestant Reformation ideals produced leadership like George Washington and Ronald Reagan. Latin America? Try Gen. Santa Anna, Juan Manuel de Rosas and the Institutionalized Revolutionary Party of Mexico.

But I digress. Back to how completely screwed we are.

Bear in mind these projections are based on a "Hispanic [illegal immigrant] baby boom" happening today, for those already here. Given the fact our fearless leaders intend to do exactly jack about the immigration problem, these ratios are probably too conservative.

All because George Bush was raised by a sweetheart of a Mexican nanny and brother Jeb married into la raza.

As usual, Victor Davis Hanson put it well in a recent column following the defeat of the bipartisan amnesty bill:
Americans were brought up on lectures about the sanctity of the law. We were supposed to revere the Social Security system. Yet when the government discusses millions of phony Social Security numbers used by illegal aliens, it is usually in the cynical sense of whether that con enriches or bankrupts the system — not whether such rampant fraud is legally and morally wrong.

Most citizens fret if they leave the house without their driver's license. They get nervous when their car registration or proof of insurance is lost — and so grow irate that millions of others on the road don't or can't share their concern.
And there are about to be maaany more of those cars on the road.

Meanwhile, the only Latinos off the road are two U.S. border agents railroaded and currently wasting away in solitary confinement courtesy of Dubya's handpicked legal team.

Viva America, amigos!

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