Monday, July 9, 2007

Operation "Vegas Freedom"

Did you catch the details in this weekend's story of the shooting rampage in Las Vegas?
"A 'distressed' gunman on a balcony at the New York-New York casino opened fire on gamblers below early Friday, wounding four people before he was tackled by off-duty military reservists. A fifth person was hurt in a crush of people fleeing the casino..."
One of the reservists recounts the confrontation here:
"...The gunman passed [24-year-old Iraq veteran] Lampert on his right, about 20 yards away, then turned to look at him. Lampert saw a 9 mm pistol and observed the man attempting to reload.

'He said, `I'm going to ... kill you,' Lampert said Saturday. 'We made eye contact and I took off after him. I just kind of dumped him.' "
So let's break it down:

1) A psycho who is not a veteran opens fire on innocent people.

2) Veterans who are not psychos take out disturbed civilian courtesy of their combat-honed sense of duty and physical training.

3) Vast majority of chicken-hearted civilians trample someone in the rush to save themselves.

But I thought George Bush's war only turns people into psycho gunmen or maladjusted Post-traumatic Stress Disorder civilian types. Now you're telling me, no? It's just the opposite? You mean Hollywood lied to me again??


Also thought it was fitting the gunman's police photo bore a resemblance to Saddam's dazed-and-bedraggled mugshot after he was pulled from his hole by the same kind of guys on duty in Iraq.

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