Friday, August 17, 2007

Blind Democrats find an acorn

Please don't screw this one up.

Resist the urge.

Give your inner Patriot Act a chance to breathe free for once since 9/11.

This will make money, I promise. Then, when it's all over? You can go back to losing money again. Yeah, that's it! Just think of it as another tent pole film! It will fund another dozen boring sermons nobody will pay to see. Investors love it when you make a profit. You might even keep your job another year and avoid that whole "taking the studio in another direction" headline in "Variety."

Plus, think how it will shut us conservatives up. Now, when we try to say you haven't made one movie since 2001 that backs up your pro-democracy, pro-troop rhetoric, you can point to this one film.

Go on, H-town. Just do it. We'll still respect you in the morning.

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