Sunday, August 19, 2007

Giant LEGO man storms beach

Hurricanes, typhoons and tidal waves are menacing swarthy third-worlders everywhere else, and Holland gets this? (Proof, according to Kanye West, that King Neptune hates black people.)

Hours later, Sean Penn and camera crew put out to sea in a leaky boat to search for other "Persons of Plastic" -- mainly poorer, disenfranchised Duplo products -- Penn believes were abandoned by Republicans in the Dutch Parliament. He was rescued the next day by local fisherman, hauled aboard after a cold night spent clinging to his mustache off the coast of Belgium.

Personally...all I can say is Al-Qaeda is getting pretty desperate if they're down to the old "Trojan LEGO Guy" ploy... Come to think of it, also better check to make sure Michael Jackson isn't hiding in there either.

Heck, there are a thousand punchlines for this one.

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