Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Again with the Chinese aggression?

Did you see the news this morning about China attacking the U.S.?

You didn't? Maybe because you'd have to live in Malaysia or the UK to actually see it in print.

I'm hoping this news is just too new for many outlets to have picked it up yet, but I suspect that as with other recent news of China, oh, blinding our satellites or acquiring deep water ports in Latin America, this news will largely be ignored by the MSM.

Looks like Fox News and the AP at least are carrying it.

Make no mistake, thanks to its forced abortions policy, China's unbalanced population of increasingly restless males (happens when you have no females) needs an outlet soon, and that outlet appears to be war. Will it be open war with us? Seems unlikely. Taiwan is likely the first move in whatever their game plan actually is. But if their booming yet rickety economy collapses in the future, all bets are off.

Seems too crazy to be true, but every move China has made in recent years has been geared toward neutralizing us. Or at least putting us on notice that we oppose their will at our own peril.

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