Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dobbs on Calderon

"That's it, amigos! Keep moving north!"

Along with Glenn Beck on Headline News, CNN's Lou Dobbs has probably been the most vocal about the dangers of unchecked illegal immigration and the miscarriage of justice visited upon railroaded border agents Ramos and Compean.

Dobbs has written a nice piece on the latest attacks on U.S. sovereignty, one from Mexican President Calderon and one from the good old U.S. judicial system.
"In his state of the union address to the Mexican nation, Calderon established his imperialistic imperatives: 'I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.' "
As suspected at his election, 'El Guapo' Calderon is just as useless as his predecessor Fox. The U.S. exists solely as a pressure valve for the multi-million-strong lower class created by the failed national experiment best known as Mexico.

And when DHS makes the rare attempt at actual law enforcement over this issue, yet another activist judge steps in to tell us all how we should be ruling ourselves.
"That U.S. District Court judge ruled as if she were an employee of the Mexican government, rather than the U.S. government. Homeland Security was simply enforcing existing immigration laws. Are we not a nation that follows the rule of law? If not, we're no country at all."
Unfortunately, that's exactly what we're becoming, Lou.

God help us all if the 2008 election doesn't result in some explicit border- and employment-enforcement promises that can't be broken once our next leader takes office. If not, our grandchildren may well be pulling the lever here for Presidente de los Estados Unidos someday.

Speaking of Glenn Beck, check out the T-shirt selling over at his Website: "U.S. Border Patrol -- To Protect and Serve Time." (All proceeds going for the Ramos/Compean defense fund.)

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