Thursday, September 6, 2007

Down with John McCain, Pt. II

Third from right, closest to the Left

We were out looking at houses last night and nearly missed the Republican debate (man, I miss my DVR right now). Saw all but the first 10 minutes, which I caught on the replay.

What floored me was the voter panel and others who have awarded John McCain the win.

"McCain was the most honest and detailed in his answers" was the consensus after the debate.

You've got to be kidding me.

Let me say again, McCain is a sell-out and the epitome of the career politician. And again, even with Ron "Magneto" Paul on stage, McCain said the stupidest thing in these debates from either party so far.

When asked the torture question, McCain again said he opposes it because it would allow our enemies to give us the same back. As if our hacksaw-wielding, suicide-bombing, village-destroying enemies are signatories to the Geneva Convention, at the offending of which the gloves will really come off.

And he's the one with the surest grip on the terror fight??

Then there was his rationale for not signing the tax pledge. "My record is my pledge."

Nice. The old "she knows I love her, why do I need to give her a ring?" defense.

And his record? You mean the record they play every time he's spotted square dancing around the senate floor with Kennedy/Feingold and friends?

Anyone who buys a thing McCain is selling deserves the shoddy goods in his rickety cart.

Ron Paul has a screw loose and he almost filled me with more confidence.

Rudy and previous best in class, Romney, both took it on the chin last night, and both gave better than the recycled robot-speak McCain had to offer.

Brownback was more Grover and Huckabee more Gomer Pyle-esque than ever, and they... Well, you get the picture.

But no matter. Wipe the whole ugly slate clean. Fred Thompson is finally in the race.

And thank God.

One appearance on Leno was enough to convince me he's the real deal. He was sharp, articulate and that rarest of all qualities in politicians...wise.

And if you think it was only the actor in him, a visit to his Web headquarters should convince otherwise.

There you'll find not only the folksy smarts he's usually credited for, but also -- and I'm still in shock -- a spirited exposition of federalism. He nearly out-Reagans Reagan himself. Oh, and he's presented this bit of Federalism 101 online.

The second coming of the Great Communicator? I vote yes, as I will for Fred at the earliest available opportunity.

Thumbs up to Fox News, too, for again demonstrating they understand what these early stage debates are supposed to be: a forum for tough questions the party base wants to hear. Too often these moderators pepper Republican candidates with questions Democrats want asked. Yet another way the MSM subtly gives more credence to the other side, as if liberal "pressing issues" are the only issues the country cares about.

P.S. -- Did I mention John McCain sucks?

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