Friday, October 26, 2007


Man I wish I was in Scranton right now. Can you imagine all the great swag??

I'd don an Amish beard, put on a beet-stained Jurassic Park t-shirt and run alongside every car as it rolled into town. That, or banjo serenade the ladies in my Cornell beanie.

First choice of accommodations? Gotta be the Irrigation Room at Schrute Farm, which I understand has gone wireless. And just as soon as they find the wires, they'll have that power right back on.

One thing I can guarantee. Chili's will do huge business, with a record number of orders for Awesome Blossoms (extra awesome, please). As should Benihana, aka "Asian Hooters."

And please tell me some proctologist shows up for this thing driving a brown Probe.

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