Friday, October 26, 2007

In the land of second chances

The resilience and pure class of the American soldier amazes me.

Remember Pvt. Beauchamp, that liberal weasel-in-uniform who some time ago penned a fraudulent smear of his fellow troops that was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the chronically gullible New Republic? He's still in Iraq, and incredibly, he hasn't been strung up by his heels.

War blogger Michael Yon, in Iraq, has filed an update on the situation after encountering Beauchamp's commander recently. The weasel has reportedly shown signs of becoming a man. (I have my doubts.)

But compare the reaction to Beauchamp's true betrayal over there to the vicious, entirely undeserved "General Betray Us" vitriol Gen. Petraeus had to endure from the Left when he came stateside recently.

Compare it to The New Republic's refusal to own it's failures.

Compare it to Hollywood basing its entire slate of Iraq films on Beauchamp-style lies.

The piece contains a couple references, in fact, to the double burden our troops must shoulder -- the physical attacks overseas and the emotional ones inflicted by the mainstream media.

Simply amazing.

On the related topic of Petaeus' truthfulness in testimony, note Yon's conclusion in another post following yesterday's feeble rocket attack on the airport:
"There is very little al Qaeda left in this area. One known al Qaeda operative was found dead last week, shot in the head. Despite these attacks, violence continues to decrease."
Sorry, libs. The Surge be working.

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