Tuesday, November 6, 2007

High Noonish

The team putting this together is decidedly B-list, as is the budget, but that doesn't automatically mean this will stink. Ordinarily I'm agin' remaking the classics, but I'm so desperate for material with classic values -- and more westerns in general -- that I'm open to this.

I know the original was conceived of by its communist writer as a U.N. parable and completed as a critique of McCarthyism. I know John Wayne called it the most un-American film he'd ever seen. But like it or not, the story came down to one man standing against tyranny when no one else would help. And that man was Gary Cooper.

Today, with unilateralism being George Bush's biggest sin according to the Left (and one of the few remaining reasons for the rest of us to like him), any political interpretations are more likely to go our way.

Hopefully politics won't even rear its ugly head this time around. Stay tuned.

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