Monday, November 5, 2007

Rodriguez goes Greek

Word has it Robert Rodriguez is being courted for the Clash of the Titans remake, based on a script written in part by Raiders of the Lost Ark writer Lawrence Kasdan.

Without the bad influence of the Eddie Haskell of filmmaking (pal Quentin Tarantino) Rodriquez has shown he has a flare for family fare and its requisite childlike imagination. I have every confidence in his ability to blow the doors off this project.

This was, I think, the first movie I went to on my own. (Actually, with a friend, but no parents were present, which was a milestone in the career of any film fan.) It wasn't a notable film except for the fact it was visual effects great Ray Harryhausen's last project in that capacity. Star Wars of course had recently revolutionized the effects game, and the era of pure stop-motion animation was over, but it worked for me at age 11 in Helena, Mt., and remains a nostalgic favorite.

Needless to say, this project just went next to a Peter Jackson-directed Hobbit on my geek wish list.

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