Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Red State actioner on the horizon?

Ah, the good old days...

On the press junket for Beowulf recently, Ray Winstone mentioned an interesting upcoming project entitled Minutemen.
"For those not scouring the trades on a daily basis, the so-called “Brothers Nee” are Adam and Aaron, two young writer/directors whose debut film “The Last Romantic” earned them film festival buzz last year. Written by Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson (”Dragonfly”) and overseen by mega-producer Neal H. Moritz (”The Fast and the Furious” franchise), “Minutemen” will serve as a significant leap for the Brothers Nee, telling the tale of a small quarry town suddenly forced to defend the nation’s command center against foreign invaders."
I haven't seen The Last Romantic, but I found a film festival interview with the Brothers Nee. Unlike the pretentious crap you usually get from festival contenders, the pair essentially replied by lampooning the arts-house questions being asked.The interview had a distinct Parker/Stone feel, which to me suggests a couple other guys with no time for kissing industry arse.

Either way, the story of a working-class town defending the U.S. command center from a foreign invader sounds like a post-9/11 Red Dawn. And that sound is a cash register ringing over and over and over.

If this is all correct -- granted, a huge if at this point -- we just might have another couple young Turks on our side. With self-proclaimed Major League Infidel Zack Snyder's stock on the rise, long term prospects for the revival of the former "art form of the common man" could be looking up. Here's hoping they don't get Tom Croozled on their way to the promised land.

(Producer Neal Moritz was also cool enough to turn down my Iraq security contractor script earlier this year for legitimate creative reasons -- unlike Wolfgang Petersen's people, who disdained the notion of "Americans going to the Middle East to solve the world's problems.")

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