Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Now boarding...

What sick mind could condone such methods?

Huh... So I guess Jack Bauer was right after all.
"The waterboarding lasted about 35 seconds before Abu Zubaida broke down ... told his captors he would tell them whatever they wanted...

'He said that Allah had come to him in his cell and told him to cooperate, because it would make things easier for his brothers,' Kiriakou said."

Granted, with a name like Splash, I'm going to be a fan of waterboarding, but it just warms my heart to know we can literally put the fear of God into these good people. Or could before Nancy Pelosi took over. Because as any good Democrat will tell you, torture is only a good thing when pursued consensually for gay porn shoots or major-release horror movies, as the Founding Fathers clearly intended.

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