Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Entertaining angels, Hollywood style

I realize nothing is sacred in Hollywood, but what the hell? And I mean "hell" literally.

Let me get this straight. Michael sides with mankind against God, and a bunch of screw-ups at Perkos is the pony he hitches his hell-bound cart to, en route to becoming a kinder, gentler Lucifer? (Hey! Let's have God on the ropes and so desperate that he has to hire Lucifer on as some kind of cosmic mercenary! How cool would that be?!)

All this because God "loses faith" in humanity. Nice. And I'll bet it's also over stuff like global warming and our war-like ways, not sin or anything, right?

Yet more confirmation Hollywood views all things God as a candy store of ideas to be raided for fun and profit. The Almighty is basically another myth who can be Santa Clause 4'd into all sorts of fun poseable positions. And as with the "let's kill God" Golden Compass debacle recently, God usually ends up the heavy.

Wait, not all things God... I'm pretty sure we won't see the hilarious reboot of Mohammed reincarnated as a lesbian sorority girl on spring break in Daytona Beach anytime soon.

I'm telling ya, we need to start strapping explosives to doped-up young seminary students to start getting some respect in this town.

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