Monday, February 11, 2008

Congrats, make with the TV

Break's over! Back to work, people!

Residual rights, online downloading, percentages, blah-blah-blah... Just tell us when we get to see the next episode of "The Office" already.

Luckily, TV Guide has done just that. Turns out "Office" returns April/Mayish with 5 to 10 new episodes. Even better, "Bionic Woman" will never return with any new episodes this side of hell.

Click here to find out when and if your favorite show will be seen this year. Unless, like me, you count "The Unit" among your favorites, in which case they got nothing for you.

And according to "The Hollywood Reporter" that no news on "Unit" may be very bad news indeed:
"...The network's crime dramas and its Friday lineup also are expected to return by the end of March, while things don't look good for "The Unit" and "Cane," whose time slots had been taken over by "Big Brother" and "Jericho." The producers of "Cane" were informed Sunday night that the network won't be ordering more segments for this season, while its future beyond May is yet to be decided."
"Cane" I can understand, but "The Unit"? Please don't do this to me. It's a fine show with too many questions left unanswered.

If the strike just killed the last conservative show on TV, I'll never forgive. I may even start reading books again. I mean it. Don't mess with me. I'll start reading, so help me I will.

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