Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sharia Laws of Finance

Abu Dhabi, the richest city in the world. (Recently bailed out Citigroup with a $7.5 billion investment.)

Apart from easy inroads to the West courtesy of liberal academia, the arts and multicultural-minded government policy, we've kept Islamofascism on the run abroad (or relatively contained in European ghettos) in the years since 9/11.

The reason it's been so easy? They're all so poor. Backwards and poor.

And the Arabs rich enough to aid their cause -- apart from a certain bin Laden oil tycoon -- have opted to remain our reluctant allies in order to maintain their economic ties to the West.

But what if these extremist paupers suddenly came into some money? And what if our oil rich Islamic allies diversified to the point they didn't need us anymore?

Worse, what if the West decided it was too economically tied to Sharia Law to stand in its way -- or even want to? (Amoral capitalism being only slightly less evil than atheistic communism.)

Don't look now, but the groundwork has been laid, and it won't be long before this money starts to talk.

On the other hand, wealth and opulence destroyed the earlier Caliphates, so let's just pray history repeats itself...and we're still around to see it.

After the above link, click here for an update on how far gone the West is even without the threat/lure of Islamic Finance.

(Still skeptical? Check out the new World Trade Center breaking ground this summer not in New York.)

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