Monday, April 28, 2008

'Unit' to re-up this fall?

Producer Shawn Ryan is optimistic that "The Unit" will return to CBS in the fall, though definitely not the spring as rumored.Unit

He said the show’s creative team pitched an outline for the show’s fourth season to CBS executives recently and “it could not have gone better.”

... A source at CBS noted that “The Unit” does have many fans at the network and is definitely a contender for the fall schedule, but confirmed that nothing has been decided yet. CBS will announce its fall schedule to advertisers in mid-May.

All in all, it feels to me Snake Doctor, Dirt Diver, Betty Blue and Cool Breeze will be back in action for America and creator David Mamet in '08.

This is the last show on network TV that can be considered politically conservative, or at least not liberal. I'll be deeply depressed if it dies.

You had to wonder -- and probably still have to -- if Mamet's recent piece in The Village Voice, in which he came out as a conservative, would nix all chances of the show's return. But unless they're blowing smoke, it doesn't sound like a blacklist exists at CBS at least.

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