Thursday, June 12, 2008

Africa: the world's latrine, Part 473

Did I mention how much Africa sucks?

The men who pulled up in three white pickup trucks were looking for Patson Chipiro, head of the Zimbabwean opposition party in Mhondoro district. His wife, Dadirai, told them he was in Harare but would be back later in the day, and the men departed.

An hour later they were back. They grabbed Dadirai Chipiro and chopped off one of her hands and both her feet. Then they threw her into her hut, locked the door and threw a petrol bomb through the window.

Thank God and pressure from the civilized world they chased those evil whiteys out of Africa.

I guess the only question left is how soon Danny Glover will fly in to congratulate Mugabe on the win and announce he'll be portraying him in a Venezuelan-funded film.

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