Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting desperate

The weekend's Obama/McCain political forum from Saddleback Church remains unwatched on my DVR at this point, but post-event consensus indicates a solid victory for McCain.

Obama really blew it when it comes to abortion. Not surprising, since he hasn't leg to stand on when it comes to this or any other issue remotely important to actual believers. (Believers in Christ, that is, not The Li'l Messiah in question.)

From Bloomberg's resident hack Margaret Carlson:

Obama had the crowd when he quoted from scripture and spoke in evangelical (Christ died for my sins), but he lost the attendees when the subject of abortion came up. As much as Warren has expanded the portfolio of his church, it still holds the issue of life above all others. There was a low groan when Obama, in response to Warren's question ``At what point does a baby get human rights?'' hemmed and hawed: ``Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.''

Above his pay grade? What a fraud. What a lie. And a typical politics-as-usual answer, from this trumped-up "breath of fresh" air candidate. (For the record, I'm still depressed McCain is our guy, and I don't buy his pitch for the faith vote either, but I'm gaining some perspective fast.)

This morning the press is fairly evenly divided between chiding Obama for falsely suggesting McCain cheated at Saddleback and defending the claims.

But more disgusting to me, also from Carlson's piece, is this bit of news:
"The most interesting moment was when Warren, exceedingly warm toward Obama, was caught whispering to the candidate during a break near the end of his hour-long interview that he had hit a `home run.' ''
At this point, some 25% of self-described evangelicals are apparently undecided between the two candidates yet, which blows me away... I couldn't stand Rick Warren for a bazillion reasons already. Shining Barack Obama's empty-suit, Christian-deceiving, NARAL-approved ass just made it a bazillion and one.

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