Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saddleback forum update

Having now seen the event described immediately below, I gotta say it was a revelation.

Obama was awful. Lifeless, open to interpretation, rarely looking Rick Warren in the eye. Revealing again just how mortal -- nay, crippled -- he is without a script. Rush Limbaugh played a killer audio montage today of a recent Obama press conference, in which the candidate stutter-started with more uhhhh's and ahhhh's than a Porky Pig/Foghorn Leghorn double disc DVD. Tons of that here again. (Spit it out, already!)

McCain on the other hand... Wow. I won't link back to my previous excellent posts eviscerating McCain as RINO. You can find them easy enough. But I have to admit I kinda regret a few of them at this particular moment.

Campaign-trail circus or not, the old boy flew through the air with the greatest of ease. Compelling and convincing, even to a cynic like me. Nary a false note, with direct answers to all but one or two questions, including a humble admission to the failure of his first marriage as his greatest moral failing.

Obama's response to the same question was reference to his wild youth and (vague) imperfections. (No actual yadda, yadda, yadda here but close.)

But the differences between the two on "does evil exist and how to we deal with it" couldn't have been more revealing. Obviously a foreign policy question.

McCain nearly came out of his seat, citing my own favorite example of the utter depravity of our enemies -- the use of retarded young women as unknowing suicide bombers. "If that isn't evil, tell me what is," McCain roared.

Obama's response earlier: yyyyeah, but America's pretty evil too, so, y'know... [Paraphrased for clarity and honesty.]

Bottom line, while Obama tried to run out the clock with neutral filler in search of palatable answers, McCain shot as straight as he's always claimed.

I bear no illusions about John McCain on a host of issues. But I believe him on his very solid abortion track record, trust him on Supreme Court appointees, and adore him on taking the fight to our enemies. Most importantly, he's not Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh, and applogies, too, to Rick Warren, who did an overall fine and professional job, his "home run" comment notwithstanding. Then again, I still believe pastors are the last people who should ever hide behind a facade of public neutrality. So...I guess...I apologize for apologizing to Rick Warren??

Next up, running mates. Stay tuned!

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