Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Under a rainbow of fruit flavors

Please do not feed the gays

It seems folks are arriving by the busload to check out the inmates of the Castro District in San Francisco, something not sitting well with said citizens of Sodom.

"It is the spectacle of people who might be different. That's all it is," said attorney Rob Guite, a Castro resident. "The tourists appear to have little regard for the neighborhood and its residents and view the stop as akin to visiting a zoo or other attraction where they are entertained by exhibits or animals."

"God knows we love tourists," said Patrick Batt, who has owned the Auto Erotica vintage gay porn shop for 28 years. "But these people are a bunch of gawkers."

Yeah. The nerve of these tourists. Clearly the good people of the Castro District have no desire to be gawked at like circus freaks.

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