Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holy crap

The Utopian self delusion is just jaw dropping here.

Some may see all this as another sign of the coming Antichrist. I tend to just look and laugh. Like I do whenever I read about the League of Nations or hear Sting's "Russians." (Only bad song he's ever done, btw.)

Mainly because 1) I lean postmillennial and 2) this New!Big!Thing! has been around a long time. It's called your local Unitarian Universalist Church, where every Sunday you'll find a dwindling number of old people sitting around stinking up the joint in soggy Depends Undergarments.

Then again, if the Obamanation That Causes Desolation successfully gets Harold Koh his seat on the Supreme Court, universalism in general will be enforced at the point of a gov'ment gun...and I'll be forced to execute Operation El Guapo -- my sketchy plans to seize Costa Rica and rule as benevolent dictator for life. (Now taking advanced bribes requests for cabinet positions and beachfront property.)

Thanks to Pick for the heads up on this one.


Mrs. P said...

Hey you can't call him that! It means you're a hateful racist who hates! Because your a black president hater.

At least that's what what the anonymous moonbats beamed in with when I called him that on my blog.

Splash said...

You have anonymous moonbats at your blog? Wish I did. Lucky. (Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

But I'm bummed. I was so proud of that 'Obamanation" thing. I'm checking your blog to see who actually came up with it first, and I can assure you I shall lodge a strongly-worded complaint to the President of the Internet if any irregularities are discovered.

I was actually thinking of doing a "Splash's Top Ten Favorite Insulting Names for Obama" post back during the campaign. Might have to do that yet.

Mrs. P said...

Sorry I'm afraid there's no longer any evidence on the blog. I got sick of the comments and emails... I was up to around 26 comments and six emails so I deleted the post.

I'm surprised you have no moonbats patrolling your blog. They would have gone nuts over the post election remarks.

Splash said...

I'll take your word for it. :-)

My hit counter says I'm getting plenty of traffic, but I guess I'm just too awesome to take on. Too awesome or too easy to bother attacking, not sure which.