Friday, November 14, 2008

School district issues fake Social Security numbers

I swear... Membership in a teachers union must be the sweetest free pass in the history of organized crime.
"There's no way we should be doing that kind of stuff," Ms. Olson said. "Even if your intention is good to help employees get paid, you can't use inappropriate procedures to do that."
Yeah. Probably not. It's, like, illegal and stuff.

I think I'm gonna get my credential and start running guns or moonshine or Chinese hookers or something.

Actually, I guess the education racket represents just one of the many "get out of jail free" cards offered by liberalism, huh? The end always justifies the means in a progressive cause -- another trait this religion shares with others.

Only in America, right? (Because in Mexico you get American Social Security numbers and free Viagra!)

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