Thursday, December 11, 2008

Companies unveil 'Terminator' hover gun, cop car of the future

Made in America: Carbon Motors E7

If the Big Three die, we get more stuff like this.

And if Barack "I'll slow the development of new weapons systems" Obama hadn't been elected, we would have got more stuff like this.


K said...

Hey Splash! Just wanted to say good job on the blog. It will be interesting if Big O lives up to his cutting defense promises or not.

Right now he's startling to look a bit like Tony Blair in Britain. Implementing some conservative economic policies while pushing leftist social policies. Let's hope the results aren't the same.

Splash said...

Thanks, K!

Yeah, the first 100 days will be huge in terms of seeing how far left he intends to swing. I'm convinced he'll fail at most of his Big Ideas, then blame either the few Republicans left on the Hill or the ones that were there before he was elected.