Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec. 17 in review

Is it just me, or did we just have a freaky day?

From the headlines:

'Death Map' shows where Americans most likely to die

Little 'Adolf Hitler' denied birthday cake at New Jersey grocery store

Human-sized heart found at the Paw Paw car wash

And weirdest of all...

Frigid storm closes California freeways, drops snow in Malibu

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If the Paw Paw car wash is in San Francisco, that heart just might belong to Tony Bennett. (Hope not, because I paid a lot of money for that thing on eBay last year.)


Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Heath Campbell it's "Himmler," not "Hinler."

It's like getting a tattoo with a heart and the word "Mim" on it

CI Photog

Anonymous said...

I thought the Death Map was going to show locations of hospitals, fast food joints and crack houses.

CI Photog

Anonymous said...

Somehow, "I left my heart in Paw Paw Michigan" doesn't produce the same cozy sentiments, even though it does have the right number of syllables.
And a dirty, banged-up car wash doesn't compete with the vista of a fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge.

CI Photog

Splash said...

Yeah, man... And they told me I was crazy naming one of my kids Darth?