Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama set to deliver on illegal immigraton promises

Before... After...

See, liberals? Nothing to fear from Barack Obama.

I understand Robert Gates and Jim Jones had you furiously leafing through your Anarchist Cookbooks already, but B.O.'s cabinet is taking shape very nicely indeed for the more fanatical open-border, one-worlders among your ranks.

Because with Ken Salazar, Cecilia Munoz -- everyone on board so far, really -- it's clear that only the big, bad Great Depression II is going to save us now from millions of Mexicans bum-rushing the great gringo cash sow of the north.

(In case you're unfamiliar with Munoz, she's an 18-year leader of racist organization La Raza -- means "The Race," right? -- and a woman whose life is fueled by rage.)

In other words, barring the advent of millions of Americans lining up for soup the government can't afford, we will experience a titanic population shift. And that means a titanic political and political philosophy shift in favor of the Latin American mindset.

And that means whatever is left of the nation forged by the Founders is doomed.

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