Monday, December 29, 2008

The More You Know

I'm not sure why the mainstream media has a problem with this woman. Swap out "you know" for "uh," then exchange the lady parts for blackness and Caroline Kennedy is Barack Obama.

1) Both fancy themselves writers, 2) both admit to being lawyers, 3) both believe 1 and 2 qualify them for public office, 4) both lack a thimbleful of real world experience between them, 5) both have spectacularly flat chests, 6) both are related to hordes of inconvenient people they put in their books to get ahead but really just wish would go away...

I could go on. I didn't even mention the horse teeth.

Not that, you know, the paleo press would make such a connection. That's what we, your friendly neighborhood blogging scum, are here for. (Thanks for dropping a dollar in the hat on your way out.)

Our thanks to the all-seeing CI Photog for the link.


Mrs. P said...

Oh come ON Splash! She told us her qualifications! She's always CARED about politics, she's a MOTHER, she's VOTED for crying out loud! Of COURSE she's qualified to serve in the Senate... DUH! Did she mention she's a Kennedy?

Having reviewed Mrs. Schlossberg's resume, I immediately applied to be CEO of Goldman Saks. After all, I have a bank account, my husband day trades, and I can write checks and use credit cards. What more do you need?

Splash said...

You, madam, are brilliant. Why didn't I think of all that?