Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Man lives with trash to 'make a point'

And if the point is he's a moron, point taken.

Why do I get the impression this is the bold green future envisioned for us by the powers that be?

Or maybe he's only getting attention because he works in Hollywood. Because I lived like this back in college, and no CBS camera crew ever showed up at my door to pat me on the back.

On the other hand -- assuming he doesn't mind girls who equate deodorant with fascism -- this guy may actually land his first date with a live woman!


Mrs. P said...

Ummm... he keeps pet WHITE rats in cages... what does he do with the rats living in his basement garbage?

Somebody call PETA!!! This man is discriminating against black and brown rats!

K said...

Correction: Man, and likely a number of activists, come up with stunt likely to get him and their message on national TV. Negotiations between leftist oriented media company and activist group decide on how story will be played.

Story resonates across blogosphere providing eco-fascist advertisment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for relatively little work.

J. Grant Dys said...

Dude has lived his life BEHIND the camera for a reason.

Look, buddy, I'll be impressed when you start saving your sewage for a year. (Which, based on the number of bottles on his stairway, I would guess he is contributing more than his fair share.)

Splash said...

You guys are so judgmental. I suppose you snobs would refuse (no pun intended) to visit the Museum of Trash, too, huh?

One thing that disturbs me, though... I just watched it again, and I'm pretty sure I saw a femur and a mailman's uniform in that compost pile. Hmm...

J. Grant Dys said...

Of course you did, splash. That guy was contributing to the cutting down of rainforests. This rat lover guy just cut out the middle man.

I'm told that if you look in his mailbox, you'll see nothing but bricks. He just wanted out!