Monday, January 26, 2009

Bush snubbed by Mexico on last day in office?

Is Mexico el pissed de off at former president Bush or what?

On his last day, Bush talked to every major head of state on the planet, but for next-door Mexico the only person returning his call was former president Vincente Fox.

We know they're flipping out over releasing Ramos and Compean. That news hit last week when a Mexican official ratted out the Bush administration by revealing Mexico had lobbied hard for the conviction, then continued to lobby against commutation of their sentences.

This of course was in direct contradiction to administration attack dog Johnny Sutton's suggestion "a standard letter" of protest had been the sum total of communication between the countries and that no such foreign power was in any way working us like a sock puppet. (Technically, as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said on CNN last week, Sutton was accurate in saying a letter was sent, but as this was in answer to questions about whether or not the case was subject to outside influence, Sutton was a total liar.)

Why is this a big deal?

Regarding the phone call, it's not. But regarding Mexico's belief it has a right to influence American policy to the degree it can pitch a hissy fit when things don't go its way...? As Rohrabacher also pointed out, when a country that's all but run by drug cartels can railroad two American citizens on American soil for actions taken to keep drugs out of the U.S., it's a huge, huge deal.

But don't cry too hard for our narco-neighbors to the south. We have a new president now. One who's gonna make everything alllllriiiiight. (And if anyone can appreciate the value of an open supply line to quality blow it's Barack Obama, right?)

Click here for the segment on Lou Dobbs.


Mr_Magoo said...

Welcome back!

I've often fantasized about the U.S. upending its endless supply of junked cars to create a wall along the Mexican border. Bury them up to the windshield and create a double row of 'em. Add broken glass about a foot or two deep and some razor wire between the walls. If anyone can get past that, they get a Green Card.

Splash said...

See, now why can't we elect someone with that kind of common sense?

As an added bonus, the lucky winners could claim the junked car of their choice to get around.

Magoo in 2012!

...Although this scenario doesn't address the growing problem of immigration by human slingshot.

Mr_Magoo said...

the growing problem of immigration by human slingshot?

human skeet shooting