Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexico on the "edge of the abyss"

A-ha... Now I see why President Bush set Ramos and Compean free. Looks like we're going to need every able-bodied man willing to pull a trigger on the southern border pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Splash on the cutting edge.....
Bottom left of front page of today's Fresno Bee, headline reads: "Mexico teeters on the brink" (good luck trying to pull up the story on their website- I tried and failed)
Story covers "indiscriminate kidnappings...daily beheadings" drug cartels that flout any government attempt to rein them in. The risk that the country could "melt into lawlessness."

C.I. Photog

Splash said...

Yeah, 2009 could be interesting!

What I want to know is how we're really supposed to know the difference. I'm guessing the before and after pictures of a collapsed Mexico will look pretty darn similar.