Monday, January 19, 2009

Obamafest '09

FDR celebrated with chicken salad and plain pound cake. Check out how our new liege plans on greeting the greatest challenges facing America since the Great Depression.

What was it the Romans called this kind of thing right around the end of the Empire? Bread and Circuses?

Yeahhhh... I'm gonna have to go ahead and think maybe the guy doesn't quite mean what he says sometimes. Or maybe all the "everyone must serve" talk this past week was referring to the catering?

(Let's hear it for the Associated Press, too. Who knew they had it in them?)

UPDATE: That ole Leftist curmudgeon Jack Cafferty on CNN just reported the number could be closer to $160 million, with the added bit of news that the biggest donors to the par-tay are...recently bailed-out Wall Street tycoons.

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