Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard drives, desktop PCs going the way of VCR?

Time to sell your Microsoft shares

Don't you get the sense we're on the verge of another quantum leap forward in the tech arena? (Google's GDrive is in the news today, too.)

All I know is, I'm really feeling the burn in my triceps after a weekend of Wii.


K said...

You will have to trust all your personal data and files with a third party.

Dear Mr. Splash,
A random automated search of your online data has indicated a 87 percent likelyhood that you may be suffering from PDD (political doctrinal dementia). You have been scheduled to appear at the national mental health service in 3 days time for a more detailed diagnosis and treatment. Failure to appear will result in immediate credit termination.

I Government Robot.

Splash said...

I thought I saw some black helicopters buzzing the Splashcave the other day.

Mr_Magoo said...

"And of course, we don't just use desktops for web browsing - if you use it for gaming or graphics, the Google box is unlikely to tick the boxes. Not much use if you rely on a laptop either."

What's left?