Monday, February 2, 2009

The bleeding obvious

Hamas...feeling the hope and change

Michael Yon has written one of the more straightforward, logically irrefutable pieces I've seen on the importance of how we respond to Israel's current situation.

And when Michael Yon starts talking World War III, people better listen up.

It's a quick read, so no excuses for clicking elsewhere before you do. And after that, read the latest today for confirmation of what he wrote.

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Mr_Magoo said...

I can safely be called anti-war. But being anti-war does not mean we can hide our heads in the sand in regard to the proximate and growing threat from Iran. If you want to see World War III unfold, just sit quietly about Iran. Iran could be the opening chapter of an apocalyptic era.

Sit quietly or go on Arab TV and apologize for the US' behavior over the past 20 years.