Monday, February 2, 2009

Hollywood finding religion again?

Looks another like a flurry of quasi-pseudo-Christo-flavored religious flicks in the works all of a sudden.

Earlier production announcements include typical kick in the crotch fare like this and this. With the occasional hopeful project along the lines of Scott Derrickson's adaptation of "Paradise Lost" and Ralph Winter's (stalled for lack of script?) adaptation of C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters."

The deals being announced today could go either way, though the safe money is on me launching into my angry Church Lady falsetto like never before.

First up, Angelology. A Nephilim-related concept sounds fun and doable, but "Da Vinci Code-esque" does not.

Next, Martin Scorsese's Silence looks too promising to be true. Coming from Mr. Last Temptation, it probably is.

Then there's Conception, another in the pure popcorn vein. Unlike other conspiracy-based "religion" stories, this one at least posits an interesting, technically-plausible "what if" scenario which doesn't automatically mean a blasphemous end result. Can't say the director's past projects bode well, though.

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