Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arf? Arf?

I support Israel unequivocally. Unlike many Christians, it's not because I believe in any end times significance of the political state of Israel. I support them as the lone outpost of democracy and freedom in a part of the world that desperately needs an outpost of democracy and freedom.

Israel is a friend of America who shares a common enemy with her, and that's enough for me to sign off on as many things-that-go-boom as Israel wants from our glorious military-industrial complex.

At the same time I react negatively to my country being anyone's female lapdog. And the more I read Pat Buchanan on the subject in recent years, the harder I find it to refute his contention that we are in fact wearing a tiny little sweater with our name embroidered in Hebrew.


K said...

If you think you ever are going to have any asperations towards political office or possibly even "mainstream author" status, then I recommend that you run, don't walk away from the area that you've just put a toe into.

Just sayin.

Splash said...

Hey, who put that "Arf? Arf?" post up in my name?! It's an outrage! An outrage, I say!

Splash said...

Seriously, though...I don't take the umbrage Buchanan does at all this. I think he's making a mountain out of a mole hill in some respects. (I personally don't think Israel "oppresses" the Palestinians ENOUGH.)

But the whole backroom deals, espionage, and cherry-picking of intelligence aspect of this makes a lot of the Iraq-related pieces fall into place.

And hey, bashing Israel is the new "in" thing to do, so I'm set for the cocktail circuit either way, right?

K said...

Maybe this guy did it.

Mrs. P said...

Eh. Lap dog or watch dog?

Somebody's gotta stick up for the Israelis and their right to exist, but I'm thinking it's not going to be Obama or his teleprompter.

"things-that-go-boom" LOL!

Splash said...

Oh, as I said, I'm all for sticking up for Israel, but I also fully believe Israel would sell its grandmother to achieve its ends.

And as Buchanan touches on in this piece, and in more detail elsewhere, we appear to have played the role of grandma vis-a-vis that famous "faulty intelligence" before Iraq.

I did and do support the Iraq war for other reasons, but the likelihood we got played by a foreign power (worse, a friend) to the detriment of our national dignity and the dismantling of the Republican party kinda pisses me off.

Bottom line it's a global game of "Survivor" and we just got blindsided by our alliance member at council. They'll get our vote in the finale, but that still doesn't make it cool.

Mrs. P said...

No kidding. They definitely would. Munich was a hard movie to watch because I felt so conflicted all the way through.

If they ever get control of the temple mount and implement their sacrifical system again like the extreme orthodox folks would like to, I'm changing my eshcatology on the spot.

JohnFN said...

Your first mistake was reading Pat Buchanan.