Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bulldozer attack injurs two in Jerusalem

Hard hats do not stop bullets

Yep, they're evil bastards.

And none too bright. Seems to me, the only thing slower and easier to avoid/catch than a bulldozer was George Costanza in his electric chariot.

The best part? Abu Dumbass gets capped by a passing taxi driver. Score one for the Hebrew National Rifle Association! (And remind me never to stiff a cabbie in Israel.)


K said...

It used to be that your average Israeli woman (soldier)kept a mini-uzi in her purse. I always thought they had the aire of a fashion accessory.

Mrs. P said...

"Abu Dumbass"ROTFL!!!

Splash, when so often the choice is to laugh or weep, thank you so much for laughing!

Splash said...

And thank you, Mrs. P, for appreciating it.