Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pixar's 'Up' theatrical trailer

Up, up and away!

After a dozen or so movies, Pixar has yet to disappoint. From concept to classic story sense to writing to flawless, inspired execution, they're simply the best filmmakers around, period.

Cars remains a daily play in the Splash household, with mom and dad sucked in every time along with the kids. The screenwriter in Splash remains awed by the economy of character development, creativity and, yes, emotional impact in a movie starring animated vehicles. (Lightning McQueen at the finish line with The King? Gets me every time.)

Next up for Pixar/Disney is Up, and the theatrical trailer has just been posted.

Looks like another winner.



Justin Pickering said...

I'm so glad to know that we're not the only parents who get sucked in/choked up by the finish line scene. We relive that movie at least a few times every day, either on TV or with the little cars that G-Town gets from the grandparents.

Have you started using "ka-chow" in everyday parlance yet? You know it's bad when...

Mrs. P said...

Oops. That wuz me.

Splash said...

It just so happens I tagged my first Commissioner's Note/smack-talk in the ol' fantasy baseball league with "ka-chow!"