Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thousands 'party' against taxation in LA

Tea Party, So Cal style

That would be some 8,000, to be vaguely precise.

I'm so happy I could cry.

Apparently this thing was organized by John and Ken from KFI radio in L.A. I used to love these guys when I lived down there. But the remarkable thing about this is that they aren't "Rush Limbaugh conservatives." They're centrists. Right of center to be sure, but hardly right wing fanatics, particularly Ken.

Also remarkable is the fact that these people were old and young, black, white, Latino and every over color of the rainbow. I think my favorite photo from the Orange County Register is a tattooed, brown arm with a Terminator action figure impaled in effigy -- though there was gorier imagery that also brought a tear to my eye.

Sure it was the O.C., but these folks came from all over Southern California.

YouTube footage below of the Fullerton event. (Because CNN sure isn't going to show you what's been going on all over the country since Rick Santelli fired the soundbite heard 'round the world.)

Keep slugging, America... We'll bring these pretenders down yet.


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Good for them! It will take a while but we'll get there. The hardest part about conservatives rallying is we're usually busy working and don't have time to attend. Liberals and illegals have all the time in the world - all week. But we will have to make time. Weekends, maybe?

Splash said...

And the fact this is happening in the first 100 days is pretty amazing.

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Ooh. I never thought about that. Of course, there are over 50 million (?) of us who voted for the opposition. Add the millions who are fed up enough to have not voted at all, and...

it's almost as interesting as the servicemen who refuse to acknowledge The Possible Non-Citizen-in-Chief at all.