Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes, we do want him to fail

The "outrage" over this "controversy" is so ridiculous it warrants no comment. But Jonah Goldberg of the L.A. Times has quite nicely. If you're a liberal wishing to gum this one further, I refer you thither.
"...Pretty much every major news outlet in the country has said as a matter of objective analysis that Obama wants to repeal the legacy of Ronald Reagan and remake the country as a European welfare state. And yet people are shocked that conservatives, Limbaugh included, want Obama to fail in this effort?

What movie have they been watching? Because I could swear that conservatives opposing the expansion of big government is what conservatives do. It's Aesopian. The scorpion must sting the frog."
"The scorpion must sting the frog." I say if we ever get a third party off the ground, we adopt the scorpion as mascot. I understand they can put the fear of God in both jackass and elephant alike.

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