Monday, April 6, 2009

Summer schedule

Sorry for going AWOL the past week or two. Computer issues. Issues rectified -- I thought -- by the sweet new Toshiba laptop currently topping my lap. Only problem is, looks like I'm missing 20 gigs I paid for, so the saga continues.

But I have to say I kinda enjoyed the break. And I'm drifting more and more to a Facebook mode of blabbing lately. And now that baseball has returned (assuming no rain out for today, the true first day of summer, as the Giants play for the first time) expect the posts to be fewer and farther between from now through October regardless.

Which is as it should be. Now is the time for grilling and camping and road trips and kiddie pools in the backyard. Can't get much of a tan from flat screen radiation, right?

But speaking of baseball...did you catch that jackass Joe Biden during the Yankee game yesterday, talking about the troops?
"It's easy to forget about these guys. There's been a million of them over there by now, but it's not like they're your next door neighbor."
Well not in your neighborhood, Joe. You're a wealthy career politician, but we have more than one citizen soldier where I'm living.

Jack. Ass.

Sorry. Summer is no time for politics either. Couldn't resist a parting shot, tho.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's 20 minutes to game time!


K said...

Can't get much of a tan from flat screen radiation, right?

Nor outside in the Washington state overcast, either.

Splash said...

Seriously. And I'm starting from lily-white square one. I broke out the flip-flops and cargo shorts today and pert near blinded myself stepping out into the sun. At least I have plenty of "pigmentally disadvantaged" company around here.

Anonymous said...

Pajamas, baseball, and cutting back on blogs. Whatta life!!

--CI photog

Oh, and that's Melatonin Impovershed, to be politically correct.