Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pot calls kettle black

CNN's Susan Roesgen isn't angry at the "bias" of Fox News. She's livid at the event itself. And as Andrew Breitbart points out, she's a reporter, not the commentators Fox had at yesterday's 700+ Tea Parties around the nation.

UPDATE: Don't miss the follow-up video, linked to in the comments below.


XDPaul said...

And the Kettle mobs the Pot, with substance, after the cameras roll (first minute is original broadcast, second is response after the bit aired: )

Splash said...

That's brilliant! So glad you posted that. What are the odds someone else would have a camera on CNN at that moment? ...Actually, probably pretty good. I love the Internet Age.

XDPaul said...

I have a dream that one day, every citizen who stands for something (whether or not I agree with him) has access to a $180 flip video camera, so they can post "the whole story" after the MSM is done sniping soundbites.

If Wednesday was, in the words of the Christian Science Monitor, the "Day the Mainstream Media Died," let citizens with cameras usher in a new age of the "rest of the story!"

Reporters have always wielded immeasurable power behind the shield of "never becoming the story." It is about time those shields start to crack.

Splash said...

Well said, XDP. Very well said. In fact, I'm now linking this whole post to my Facebook page just to highlight your "dream."

Further update on the guy in that video... His name is Norm, but he won't even give his last name after what the media did to Joe the Plumber. Said his wife is freaking out about the media attention, and he is too. That, right there, proves the level of fear we have of our government and the media powers-that-be these days.

Mrs. P said...

"Not really family viewing"... Clap that sucker in irons! He might actually make families THINK!