Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Leader Speaks: the final word

Chalk up Obama's speech to the cheeelrens as another win for our side.

With a total conservative power outage in Washington, liberalism a raging wildfire, so it's all about containment right now.

So far so good.

With the Town Halls Gone Wild phenomenon, the Dems will have to punt on health care... Van Jones just had his czarist crown knocked off by Glenn Beck's September Revolution... Now, just before the big do-or-die speech to Congress, today's "how can we help the president achieve his goals?" pitch to American kiddos has been quickly toned down to "I pity the fool who don't stay in school!"

So are we actually kinda sorta winning? Without leadership? We're doing something. All we need to do is keep it up for another 1,229 days, 23 hours, 53 minutes, and 47 seconds.

My favorite moment in the Master Rhetorician's address today? The president says you shouldn't look to basketball for success in life...then holds up Michael Jordan as a role model. (Maybe you should put on some clothes if you're going to keep Emperoring today, sir. Little eyes are watching.)

But even with all the Cult of Personality warnings to avoid, did you notice how he still couldn't resist touching on the awesomeness of Being Barack? Has there ever been a president who self-referenced as much as Dear Leader Barry? This time we learned that because he studied hard at the dinner table in Indonesia, we can be somebody too! (Alpha...Omega! Alpha...Omega! Alpha...Omega!)


K said...

The best thing about the present Tea Party movement is that it's the underdog. That makes it difficult for the MSM to form an acceptable "narrative" against it. It has no big leaders - to they can't destroy those people. It's got a high proportion of the elderly, which makes it even more difficult to attack.

If the Democrats weren't being led by a demagogic ideolog, they'd be advised to pack up their health care plan for another 8 years and just get down to continuing to undermine the educational-indoctrinational system instead. Fortunately for us, I don't think the present administration is going to do that.

Splash said...

Also fortunately for us, Mr. Gibbs informs us the president never saw the 1.6 million voters camped out on his lawn the other day. All the easier to sneak up on and vote you out with, my dear!