Sunday, September 6, 2009

You too, John Piper?

Dawg be trippin'!

Ah, man... John Piper just made a poopie.

What's the point of praying kids "take their studies seriously" when those studies can only, legally be a 100% man-centered curriculum? And there's attitude here, too, which kinda baffles me.

I just took part in a major Facebook brawl -- with fellow Christians -- over whether or not believers should enlist their kids in a soul-flattening state education if there's an alternative, so this one felt like a bit of a knife in the back.

Clearly he's reacting to the level of vitriol against Obama's speech to the cheeelrens. But that doesn't fill me with confidence on his grasp of the bigger picture.

Amazing the lines being drawn in the culture war lately. Christians, Mormon commentators and secular Libertarians vs. Christians, Libs and Statists. (Not that Piper is on the latter's side, but suddenly I have to put him on my "Guys Who Don't Get It" watch list, and that's no fun.)

My take on the speech itself...

Charles Krauthammer had it right when he said the problem isn't what Obama is saying, which appears to be bland. Or even the (quickly amended!) teacher's guide that had asked kids to find ways to "help the President." It's the fact that school kids are being asked to have a special relationship with any president, regardless of affiliation. Time was, and wisely so, when country and Constitution were paramount in the civic education of young Americans. Now we're holding up elected officials as the heart and soul of the nation?



K said...

Ah, welcome to the world of the post modern Christian church. The old mainstream protestant churches like the Methodists and Lutherans et al, not to mention the National Council of Churches have done Castro's dirty laundry for him for decades and are now pushing for Obamacare. Jimma Carter was a Baptist minister, as well, apparently, the guy who helped beat up the Tea Party demonstrator.

With Christians like these, who needs atheists?

Splash said...

And now today Piper is praising "the wisdom and courage in this speech." Say what?? What is Piper smoking all of a sudden? It was a snooze-fest of lame cliches. I just don't get what's going on with JP. Other than the obvious fact he has a man-crush on the president.

Oh, and thanks a lot, K. I had blogging nearly out of my system, and then you go and push me off the wagon.

K said...

. . and then you go and push me off the wagon.

Just call me the Mephistopheles of the intertubes.