Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Power grab!

Hoo boy... Have you heard this one now? The Obama administration has seized census control away from the Commerce Department and placed it...in the White House.

That's right. A partisan governmental entity is now in charge of counting heads. And they won't even be counting them. They'll be estimating.

So much for "unprecedented levels of transparency," huh?

This change -- sure to subtract representatives from certain parts of the country and give more to certain other parts -- coincides with Rahm Emanuel/Obama's bid to designate the District of Columbia "the equivalent of" a state for such purposes.


And they tell us George W. Bush bastardized the Constitution?


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Not a problem! I've just switched to being a liberal, I'm retiring, voting for all the benefits I can get, cashing in all my savings for gold, and heading for the inner city!

Note to self: I'll need a gun (or two).

Mrs. P said...

Well you know... all the better to identify and isolate certain undesirable members of society and exterminate them after the Autobahn project has created lots of (temporary) jobs and generated positive publicity which will lend public support to the removal of 'enemies of the state' like... Rush Limbaugh, Jews, political conservatives and Christians.

It's all happened before folks...


Splash said...

Sorry, TCT... As a newly minted liberal, surely you realize guns are the root cause of problems in the inner city. But you shall prevail, armed only with goodwill toward man and a heart full of righteousness.

And, Mrs. P, good find. The Hollerith machine and IBM's connection to Hitler... Wow. Ya learn something new every day.

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Splash, I'll be the new "kick-a$$ liberal! Guns and pork will be my mantra!

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Mrs. P, thanks for the info. I was just reading this morning on the Jeruselum Post:

"The Anti-Defamation League said Tuesday that a survey it commissioned found nearly a third of Europeans polled blame Jews for the global economic meltdown and that a greater number think Jews have too much power in the business world."


Think it can't happen again? Think again, world. It would just look different is all. Makes THIS administration even more critical.